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How does TESS work?

TESS call hours 8:30 - 10:30pm and 6:00am - 12:30pm. 

TESS calls out randomly by qualifications and location. If you are getting calls from out of your location it means the system has filled all the jobs in your area or, there is a high need for OTs. 

When you answer the phone enter your Employee Number and your PIN Number. If you press end the call by mistake, at anytime, there is no going back.
The job will move on to the next person. 

It’s important to copy down the job number, this can help in the instance of a canceled assignment or a mistake in pay. 

If you want to decline the position, the system will then want a reason for the decline. It will give you a list of reasons to choose from if you want to listen to them. Many OTs usually use '1' personal illness or '15' personal. Do not select ‘Family Illness’. This option does not apply to OTs.

If you don't want to accept a position for the next day, the board asks that you decline the first call, enter the reason, and then book yourself unavailable. 


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