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My Daily assignment keeps getting extended, when does it become an LTO?

Article L12 of our collective agreement discusses rates of pay for both the Daily OT and the LTO teacher.  When an assignment reaches 9 days in length, it is considered a long-term assignment. The rate of pay changes from the daily rate to the Grid rate. This rate will be paid in a retro active sum to the first day of the uninterrupted assignment.   Benefits are paid on behalf of the LTO teacher when the assignment is known to be or becomes 3 months or longer in length. An email is sent to qualifying members. It can take some time for the email to reach the teacher, but benefits are retroactive to the first day of the assignment.  Daily OTs who work 60 days or more in the school year will be sent an email in the summertime offering the opportunity to buy into the insurance program. This is not free; the OT pays out of pocket for these benefits.
I’m in an LTO but need a day off for an appointment, am I allowed?

The Collective Agreement allows for personal days, miscellaneous leave days, bereavement days and sick days. They are listed under L17 and L20 of our agreement. Familiarize yourself with these articles to know what type of day you are applying for and how many you are allotted. All leaves of absence must be applied for in advance, when possible.  Daily OTs do not have provisions for sickness, personal days, or miscellaneous leave days. All these days would be unpaid for the OT.
Does every school have available parking?

Not every school will have enough parking for Occasional Teachers. Make sure you leave a few minutes in your travel time schedule to find parking.
How do I apply for an LTO?

LTO postings will be sent out by email. Available LTO postings are also posted under Postings on the staff intranet.  To apply for a specific LTO, send a reply email to the person who posted it outlining your interest. This should not be treated as a cover letter; it should be a one-line response stating your interest.
Do I fill in my own Timesheets?

Timesheets are automatically generated. You do not need to input your timesheets manually.
How does TESS work?

TESS call hours 8:30 - 10:30pm and 6:00am - 12:30pm.  TESS calls out randomly by qualifications and location. If you are getting calls from out of your location it means the system has filled all the jobs in your area or, there is a high need for OTs.  When you answer the phone enter your Employee Number and your PIN Number. If you press end the call by mistake, at anytime, there is no going back. The job will move on to the next person.    It’s important to copy down the job number, this can help in the instance of a canceled assignment or a mistake in pay.  If you want to decline the position, the system will then want a reason for the decline. It will give you a list of reasons to choose from if you want to listen to them. Many OTs usually use '1' personal illness or '15' personal. Do not select ‘Family Illness’. This option does not apply to OTs. If you don't want to accept a position for the next day, the board asks that you decline the first call, enter…